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Booking update

Updated May

May - August schedule full. Fall 2017 appointments not yet being booked. Schedule openings will be posted to Instagram.

booking requirements

Please specify design idea, placement on your body, and shading style. Include at least one image from my portfolio to clarify the shading style (not content) you like (example styles - black and grey realism, painted, pointillism, sketched). Also include any reference images you have to support your idea.

No flash designs or copying. Priority given to art and originality.

Studio Rates

$160/hr - with the exception of clients finishing predefined work started at a different rate. This exception does not apply to individuals wishing to expand on an existing completed tattoo (ie: expanding piece on arm to a sleeve).

$160/hr - for touch ups that are required as a result of poor aftercare.

$200/hr - for cover up work.


dos and donts

You must be at least 18 years old (with photo id), sober and clean. Wear appropriate clothing that is comfortable and modest that you do not mind getting ink on. You are welcome to bring a friend (I will supply movies, coloring books and a comfy sofa :). Please do not bring a posé. Please do not bring any minors. If you have a long appointment, eat before you come and/or bring a snack. We will take short breaks every 90 minutes. Complimentary bottled water, tea and coffee are available in the studio.